Technology Made Beautiful

Creating Tools To Connect with God

We create technology to help people draw closer to God. We believe technology can be a tool for experiencing God’s grace more intimately, more deeply, more fully. We hope to use God’s gift of technology to enable and encourage people to practice the spiritual disciplines of prayer, fasting, observing Sabbath, reading Scripture, and more.

Helping People Desire God’s Heart

For all the ways that technology enriches our lives, it can also drive us to distraction and addiction. Mobile phones allow us to communicate anywhere, but we’ve also allowed them to invade and interrupt our private moments with God. We live in a selfie, #YOLO, viral world. Have the days of quiet contemplation vanished?

Meanwhile, companies have become incredibly sophisticated in applying technology to shape and direct human behavior, to drive people to click and purchase, to encourage them to share personal information to be analyzed and optimized for advertising. Could we use the same technology platforms and principles to help people desire and practice the things that God yearns of us?

Unleashing Gospel-Minded Creativity

Carpenters is a community of engineers and designers who apply their talents and experiences from the tech world to create tools to draw people closer to God. Our goal is to ideate, build, launch, and scale products that are excellent, beautiful, fun, and useful — all in service of glorifying the Creator and pointing people to Biblical truths.

What blessings would be unleashed if the latent energy and talent of Christ-following techies were aimed at groundbreaking, Gospel-minded creativity?


Modern design tailored to the spiritual disciplines

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Our App

Sharing and receiving the gift of prayer

Abide brings the heart of prayer to your mobile phone.

Throughout human existence, the sharing of spoken prayer has been a timeless and global constant in our relationship with the invisible Creator. In the early church, believers lived together, ate together, and prayed together every day. Now many of us go days or weeks without getting on our knees to pray with the people we love.

Yet prayer is as essential as ever to the transformation of our lives and, collectively, the nations. And wherever two or three are gathered in His name, He is there. To facilitate these relationships, we’re creating an app that’s stripped of distraction and centered on connecting believers around the most intimate and heartfelt conversations with the living God.

We’re already seeing powerful glimpses of the Holy Spirit’s work through Abide, never bounded by time or place, changing lives in response to prayer hours and days later, across oceans and nations and languages. Jesus declares in John 15, “If you Abide in me and my words Abide in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you.”

This is the heart of our passion for Abide: that people will draw closer to Him and be blessed.

Our team

The fine folks who keep the wheels greased

Neil has a passion for innovation serving the Gospel and humanitarian needs. At Google, he is a manager in new business development for search ads, working on new vertical search products and partnerships in mobile. He collaborates with developers, designers, and product managers to launch new concepts. He previously lived in Kenya and helped expand Google’s business presence on the continent of Africa. Before that, he was the Darfur / Chad refugee program manager for the U.S. Department of State, and served in hotspots across Africa for Food for the Hungry. Neil has a BA in development economics and international development from the University of California, Berkeley, and won a scholarship for an MPA in econometrics and quantitative economics at Princeton University.

Eric loves creating technology with purpose. He is a senior software engineer developing iOS apps at NOOK Media. Previously, he was a founding engineer at a startup. He spent seven years at Google as a software engineer building scalable web applications. Eric has a BA with a double major in computer science and cognitive science from the University of California, Berkeley.

When she's not hunting after fun music gigs, delicious new foods or exciting travel destinations, Beck pursues her insatiable desire to craft impactful user experiences in the mobile frontier.

Her most recent adventures include Cover (acquired by Twitter in 2014), Google and Slide (acquired in 2010). At Google, she was the lead visual designer on Google+ Hangouts' desktop and iOS platforms and was a large contributor to Google+'s mobile apps and the 2013 YouTube redesign.

Prior to those projects, her earlier times at Google were spent continuing work on Slide's SuperPoke!Pets platform, and forging through the mobile design space through the Photovine app (Android/iOS) and Pool Party (Android). She has a M.A. from the London College of Communication and B.A. in Design|Media Arts from UCLA.

Josh finds joy in building high-impact organizations that create enduring value. He is cofounder and chairman of Praxis, a mentorship-driven accelerator program for Gospelminded entrepreneurs who are advancing the common good with their nonprofits and businesses. He also directs the international giving for a family foundation focused on alleviating global poverty. A former journalist, he’s been published in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, San Jose Mercury News, and Christianity Today. Josh has an AB in government from Harvard College and an MBA from Northwestern University.

Bethany is an experience designer at Google who practices design as a ministry of hospitality. She believes that everyone’s life has beauty that is discoverable through technology, and has contributed user-centered research, interaction, and visual design to Android and startups throughout Silicon Valley. Raised near Yosemite, Bethany has a BS in product design and engineering from Stanford University.

Peter has a strong desire to analyze and understand the world through data. His motto: Just show me the data! He is a data analyst at Tesla Motors, where he writes code to simulate the expected battery life of electric cars. Previously, he helped Saab develop a program for optimizing air traffic control. Peter has a BS from Syracuse University and an MS from Stanford University, both in electrical engineering.

Kate is a filesystem developer at NetApp, where she codes in C to improve storage system performance. Outside of work, she continues coding in different languages. When not coding, she mountain bikes and helps the college ministry at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Kate has a BS in computer science from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and a PhD in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California, Irvine.

Friendly, outgoing and gregarious - Ken lights up the Abide offices with his boundless energy and enthusiasm. He is a scrappy generalist surfing on the waves of God’s calling to bring fervor back to prayer. He comes equipped with technical chops from Carnegie Mellon University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In his previous life, he designed WiFi components used in many consumer products like the Macbook Pro. In describing Ken’s passions, many would say he is an amalgamation of a Christ Follower, a Consummate Foodie, and a Crossfitter.

Whether it's exploring new bike routes, or delving into new programming paradigms, Kipp brings his meticulous care for detail and efficiency. Working with a variety of technologies, he's done backend development with Python and MySQL, iOS CRM apps, data visualization at SAP, and C++ for game development. He aims to combine technology and delight together to start up his own indie game studio in the future.

Joe is passionately interested in delivering satisfying and delightful user experiences by applying research methods to understand customer attitudes and behaviors. He is currently a user experience researcher and prototyper at Walmart Labs, working on next generation eCommerce experiences. Outside of work, he loves exploring the heavens through his telescope and is also an avid landscape photographer of undiscovered beauty. Joe has a BS in Computer Science from UC Davis and a MS in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech.

Matthew dreams in code, sees in pixels, and travels the world searching for the perfect bowl of katsu-don. He thrives in the intersection of technology and design, and has extensive experience from the low-tech production of letterpress prints to the hightech development of web applications. Previously, he was a principal web developer at Symantec and a UI developer at 2Wire. Matthew has a BS in computer science from the University of the Pacific.

Join our team

We're looking for people who are:


UX designers, iOS & Android coders, database experts, backend programmers, etc, from Silicon Valley startups to blue-chip companies, including Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, Yahoo!, and others.


Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business types who know how to enter markets, tell stories, serve customers, grow organizations, and scale operations.


Pastors who are immersed in technology, understand the opportunity, and provide a spiritual rudder.


Leaders of ministries and nonprofits who apply technology to further their missions.